WOW — All Awesome Things Must Come to an End

4 06 2008

It appears we’ve come to the end of the Get active. Get AWESOME! Exercise Challenge, and I have to say, it was awesome while it lasted. What started as sort of a New Year’s Resolution lasted through 5 months of the year, which is far longer than most eat-better-exercise-more resolutions last. For that, I am incredibly proud of each and every one of us. Seriously you guys, we are so awesome! And it’s not like our resolve to be more active has ended; hopefully for most of us it’s only our resolve to document how active we are that has waned. As I said last week, just because we’re no longer reporting minutes doesn’t mean we’re no longer getting active and getting AWESOME!

To conclude this truly awesome challenge in the most awesome way we could think of, Anna, Deidra, and I decided that rather than announcing this month’s top five, we’d go out with a bang and announce the people with the highest total minute counts from January 1st all the way through May 31. The GRAND PRIZE WINNER — the person with the most activity minutes overall — will not only get the Awesome Trophy, but she will get to keep it for-ev-er. Awesome, right?

Before we get to that, though, let’s crunch some numbers. In the 5 months of GaGA, there were 218,880 minutes in which we had the opportunity to get active. Of those 218,880 minutes, we Awesome GaGA Participants were active for a total of 87,338 minutes, or 1,455 hours and 38 minutes. Or, for those of you who are percentage-minded, we were active for 39.9% of the last 5 months. You guys. That is a lot of awesome activity! Every last one of you should be incredibly proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Okay, are you ready to break down those numbers and see who was the most active over the last 5 months? Without further ado, the top 10 overall GaGA participants are . . .

10. Christar! With 2,496 minutes!

9. Lauren! With 2,875 minutes!

8. KM! With 4,550 minutes!

7. Audrey! With 4,940 minutes!

6. Erin! With 6,280 minutes!

5. Lindsey! With 6,285 minutes!

4. Heather! With 6,715 minutes!

3. Kat! With 6,918 minutes!

And the runner-up, who will keep the GaGA trophy should the winner be unable to fulfill her duties, is . . .

2. Suzanne! With 9,306 minutes!

At this point, the remaining contestants are all holding hands, hoping to win but preparing their Gracious Loser Smiles just in case. Everyone in the audience is on the edges of their seats, just dying to know who gets to keep that fabulous trophy in her home forever and ever. Are you ready? Can you not take another second of suspense? Okay. The Awesome Winner is . . .


1. OPH!!! With 9,630 minutes, or 160.5 hours of activity in the last 5 months!

Now, I don’t have a “There She Is, Miss Active and AWESOME” song to sing (sorry OPH!), but I would like to say congratulations once again to everyone on becoming more active and more awesome in 2008. And thanks for making GaGA so much fun for us. We had a blast, and we hope you did too.

Stay Awesome, you guys!


WOW — It’s Not You, It’s Us

28 05 2008

Gather round, y’all; we need to have a little chat.

The past five months have been truly Awesome, but due to changing circumstances and schedules, Anna, Deidra, and I feel that it’s time for us to step down as leaders of Get active. Get AWESOME! Much as we have loved getting active and getting AWESOME, none of us has the time necessary to give GaGA the dedication and leadership it deserves. We will finish out the month of May, but that will be it for the three of us.

But! Just because we are short on time doesn’t mean GaGA has to come to an end. Would any of you awesome ladies be interested in taking over the operation? We’ll turn over this blog and the monday minutes email to anyone who wants it, and GaGA will be completely in your hands. I can’t speak for Anna and Deidra, but I know I would still love to participate in the challenge — just because I won’t be helping run the challenge any more doesn’t mean I’m going to stop being active. So if you’re interested, please leave a comment or send us an email!

If nobody is able to take over, thens May will be the last month of this exercise challenge. Of course we all hope that the challenge can continue in the coming months, but in case it doesn’t, we do have a back-up plan that will ensure that GaGA ends in the most Awesome way possible. So get as many awesome activity minutes in as you can next week and be sure to report them on Monday. I’ll post the Winners next Wednesday along with either an introduction of your new Awesome Leaders (hopefully!) or a final farewell.

Stay awesome, y’all!


WOW — Is it really Wednesday?

14 05 2008

This week has been crazy busy for me, both at work and at home, and I find that I generally have no idea what day it is lately. I’m so scatterbrained that I actually sent out a work email requesting that elements of a design be moved from the left side of the page to the right side, only to have my boss come back and tell me, “No, it’s on the right side already. We want it moved to the left.” Nothing makes you feel quite as awesome as giving your boss the impression that you don’t know your left from your right.

You know what does make you feel awesome, though? Being uber productive at cleaning up your mess of a yard . . . and racking up a ton of activity minutes in the process! All the time I spent moving rocks last week, in addition to my normal weekly exercises, landed me in second place for the week.

And with that, let’s get on to the rankings.

In 5th place this week we have Suzanne, whose recent post on The Princess Bride made me wish I could skip work and spend some quality time with Wesley and Buttercup, with 385 minutes.

In 4th, Kat, who has some great recent additions on her art site, with 405. (You know the totals are high when the top 4 all have more than 400 minutes!)

In 3rd is the lovely OPH, whose last post had me craving garlic in a major way, with 445 minutes.

I landed myself in 2nd place with 545 hard-earned minutes.

And in 1st . . . y’all are not going to believe this number when I tell you, so brace yourselves . . . we have Heather with . . . are you ready? . . . 800 minutes! Holy guacamole! Heather says she’s been taking advantage of the nice weather with long hikes — lucky her! I think we may need a testimonial post from Heather, what do you think?

Congrats to everyone this week — everyone who reported in had very impressive totals. You are all incredibly awesome!

WOW – In Case You Didn’t Notice It’s Not Actually Wednesday

8 05 2008

You’ll notice that it is not Wednesday.  In fact, it is almost Friday.  It is all my fault, all week long I’ve been one day behind.  I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer so I’ll make it short and sweet.

For the last week of April our top 5 were:

Erin – 225

OPH – 190

Heather – 150

Lindsey – 102

Kat and Me! – 90  (This is what happens when only 9 people send in minutes, I somehow manage to crack the top 5).

And for the entire month of April we have the following, from fifth to first:

Lindsey – 1237

Erin – 1395

Audrey – 1415

Kat – 1525

AND in first place for April is

OPH with 2245 minutes! 

Congrats!  We’ll be contacting you.

Flab to Fab – Maintaining

2 05 2008

Wait, did I forget to mention that this is going to be a bi-weekly feature? No? Um, well I think it’s turning out that way.

I really, really wish I had great news to report, but unfortunately the scale has been stuck at 142 since my last weigh in. I seem to have weeks where I eat pretty well but don’t exercise or I get a lot of exercise and eat crap. Somehow I need to figure out how to do both simultaneously.

This week is a perfect example. I got decent workouts in four days in a row using the elliptical and hiking at the dog park. I even made a tasty stir fry for dinner on Monday night, but I also ate Chipotle on Wednesday and Wendy’s tonight. Ugh. I’ve been pretty lazy lately about cooking (as you can obviously tell) so this weekend I’m going to hit up the library for some healthy cookbooks and then do some major grocery shopping and meal planning on Sunday. If you have a favorite healthy recipe I’d love for you to share it! Also, healthy snack ideas would be great too.

Audrey had a down week too. Her dilemma? A freelance proofreading assignment that is taking up a lot of her evenings and weekends time leaving little time for her awesome husband Tim, let alone working out. I think we can all relate. Everyone is busy – how and when do you find the time to exercise? Tell us! Especially those of you GaGAs that seem to have huge numbers each week. Fortunately Audrey ate well this week so she maintained her number of 129.

Here’s to a productive and healthy week next week – or next two weeks! 🙂

WoW! I’m baaaaaaaaaack!

30 04 2008

Hey everyone…The Bug here…I’ve been MIA around these parts lately, and I haven’t been very active OR awesome, but now that we’re allowed in the competition?  I’m stepping it up a notch!  Let’s get to it!

In first place….KAT!  with 840 minutes!  She spent her Sunday working hard and has been kicking some serious BOOTIE at the gym.  Keep it up, Kat! 

In second…with 515 minutes…OPH!  OPH is no stranger to being in our top three…I think it’s about time those of us that have been hanging out at the bottom (me included!) start making her work harder for her top 3 status!

And our third place finisher for Week 4 of April is Heather!! with 445 minutes!!!!

Way to go everyone!  I have vacation coming up in June, so I’m going to be getting BUSY!  And even if you don’t have vacation coming, shorts and short sleeves are on their way to a town near you!

Have an AWESOME week!  And don’t forget to send us your testimonials!

WOW — The Competition Just Got Tougher

23 04 2008

The three of us discussed last week’s comments, and after about 5 seconds of deliberation, we have decided to officially join the competition. No longer will your three humble moderators stand back and simply observe how awesomely active y’all are. No longer will our minutes count for nothing more than a few calories burned and a few muscles toned. Who cares about calories and muscles when there are prizes to be had? Not us!

So step up your game, ladies. You’re now competing with one another AND with Anna, Deidra, and I. Game on!

Here are the top 5 minute-earners from the last week:

1. Operation Pink Herring! With 510 awesome minutes!

2. Me, me, ME! With 315 minutes! (Have I mentioned that I’m very competitive? And that I REALLY like to win? Oh, it’s on.)

3. Lauren! Who earned many of the same minutes as me when we went hiking together last weekend. She pulled in 300 minutes this week.

4. Lindsey! With 295 minutes!

5. Erin! Who, despite being sick last week, still earned 255 awesome minutes!

Great job, everyone!